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Key Features
Accumulate details on your clients you can use to turn them into return customers through targeted marketing efforts.
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SuccessWare handles all of your scheduling needs with ease, warning you of conflicts and reminding you, your staff, clients, and prospects of upcoming appointments.
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Keeping track of a slew of orders in progress can be a major challenge. SuccessWare's order entry, processing and status features help you and your staff every step of the way.
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Have all of the details about your photography assignments at your fingertips, including needed staff and equipment, subjects and bridal party members, locations, vendors, and checklists of images to be produced.
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SuccessWare takes care of your cash, checking, savings and vendor accounts as well as studio credit cards and loans. It records deposits, withdrawals, transfers, interest, checks, credit card payments, balance adjustments and more.
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Collect information on people who may be interested in your services so you can contact them directly through your marketing campaigns.
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In business, knowledge is power. And SuccessWare empowers you by taking all of the thousands of bits of information your studio generates each year and turning it into knowledge you can use.
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SuccessWare makes it easy to generate more business by giving you lots ways to keep in touch with your clients and prospects.
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Keep your clients, prospects, vendors and appointments with you wherever you go thanks to automatic syncing with your mobile phones and tablets.
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Be sure that every product and service you sell is priced to generate the profit your business needs to thrive.
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It's hard to get to where you want to go without a plan. SuccessWare helps you create photography-specific business plans that work.
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Use inquiry logging to learn exactly which of your marketing efforts are paying off, which staff members are best at phone and face-to-face sales, and a whole lot more.
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What SuccessWare's all about...

SuccessWare, Inc. was founded in 1995 to improve the economic well-being of studio owners by helping them manage their businesses more efficiently and profitably. Today, it is used in thousands of studios across the United States, Canada, and around the world and is fulfilling its mission to help studio owners become more profitable.

SuccessWare does everything you'd expect — like client and order tracking, scheduling, and marketing. But it also contains even more valuable capabilities to help you prosper. SuccessWare is the only studio management software that helps you create an annual plan for financial success; insures all of your products are priced for profit; and prepares easy-to-understand financial reports you can use to continually improve your bottom line. In short, SuccessWare is the photographer’s tool for financial success!

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